First I asked myself a simple question: how I would use a distance-controlled robot avatar? There’s plenty of possibilities, let’s have a look at some of them. At first, I had an idea of 3D printer operation. I need to control a printing process which is usually too long, sometimes it takes even hours and hours. If I had the avatar, I could control the printer from the distance and I wouldn’t have to be there. Another thing on my mind is taking care of my sick mother. If she needs something, it takes me some time to get there. If I had the avatar, I could help her very quickly. My sister who lives far away could also join and take care of her thanks to this technology. A doctor or a nurse could check on her anytime, too. One not too sophisticated avatar in the house and the internet access could do all of this. There are thousands of situations where this avatar would be a huge asset. That’s why I think this technology has a really great potential.


In future, everybody will be able to buy an avatar or at least to share it with the others. Physical distance won’t be such a problem anymore. Sharing an avatar net will allow us to travel all over the world immediately and quickly. No need to travel or move because of work anymore. With development of AI, avatars will be able to do repetitive activities in an automatic mode. One operator will control more avatars at the same time and will operate with it only if it’s necessary. This rate will be increasing gradually which will eliminate stereotype work. People will have more free time to do things they like, to create new things, etc.


To reach our vision, we will develop universally usable avatar and its price will the same as second-hand car price. Avatar will be controlled in virtual reality suit. Controlling must be simple and intuitive. The avatar must be accurate, reliable and safe. We will use the newest precautionary and coding standards to avoid misusing and abuse of technology. The avatar will be equipped – there will be a black box in case of accident or fail. We will develop specialized types of avatars for industry, health service and paramedics from the basic model of the avatar. The development won’t be easy and cheap but in my opinion its worths.

We have joined ANA Avatar XPRIZE contest as Czech team for now and we will try to stand it with an honour and pride in international competition. We will be glad and happy if you support us for example as sponsors or new members of this team! Join us! We are still looking for new members for this team so if you think you have good ideas, your own vision and you have something to add, we really want you!

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